Frequently Asked Questions


How do I call mountain rescue?

Mountain rescues are initiated by ringing the emergency number, 999/112 and asking for Mountain Rescue. This will lead to an interaction with a Garda Station (in the South) or the Coastguard (in the North) who will take details from you and then alert the local team.

Do not try to ring the rescue team directly as the call must go through the 999/112 system!


What happens next?

  • The local team will contact you to get the incident details and other relevant details.
  • Team members will proceed to the incident location.
  • The Team  will determine the most effective response.


How does this happen?

Mountain rescue is a service maintained entirely through volunteer effort.

Each volunteer absorbs the cost of their own contribution in terms of time, sustenance and other costs such as transportation.

Rescue teams also have to fundraise to attempt to maintain the service they provide.


How does M.R.I. support this effort?

M.R.I. is the representative body composed of the individual teams and seeks to represent the teams at an all-island level.


What can you do?

Mountain rescue sustains itself through the commitment of its volunteers and teams regularly recruit new members. If being a mountain rescuer interests you the please contact your local team.

Mountain rescue teams face financial challenges to sustain themselves and support for fundraising activities is greatly appreciated.