How to join

Most mountain rescue teams are always on the lookout for potential new members. Some take new members in as part of a class while others take interested persons in as they arrive. Very busy teams may have a waiting list.

Different teams may have different admission criteria. Being locally based would be important as would be a good attitude towards teamworking and receiving instruction. Hill-going members would be expected to be able to take care of themselves in the mountains and some teams would require the Mountain Skills qualification as a minimum or a demonstrated equivalent skills and experience level.

Not all Mountain Rescue team members have to be hill-going. There is always need for persons to work on communications (radio operators), servicing vehicles, fundraising and P.R. (including the creation and maintenance of websites).



Irrespective of whatever role a person may end up fulfilling, commitment is a vital aspect of the job. Mountain Rescue is a true frontline emergency service, so although teams are fully staffed by volunteers, all members would need to show a professional approach to any role or task they are assigned. Anyone considering joining need to be prepared to give a commitment to the team.

Not every one can attend every call out but you need to be able to attend most. If you offer to donate some time to fundraise or to work on a vehicle, you need to carry that through because the team will rely on you. This does not mean that you burn yourself out however as you will then be of no use to either yourself or the team. If you are accepted for membership, you should discuss your level of commitment with the Team Leader.

Recruitment & Selection

Each team handles its own recruitment and selection process and so, if you are interested in joining M.R, you should contact the team in your local area.

If you do succeed in joining a team, you will have to contribute a lot to it but in the process you will help people who may desperately need assistance and who are so grateful for your work.

You will join a small dedicated band of people united in a single aim, make great friends and learn a huge amount of new skills. As you proceed in your M.R. career you will be given as much responsibility as you want and have the opportunity to specialise in various technical areas (first aid, technical rescue, search management etc) and you can be sure that your new skills will be used!.

On a cold wet night you may regret the day you joined M.R. but there are many benefits. There is also the satisfaction of helping those in trouble on the hills and mountains of Ireland.


Making Contact

Our current policy regarding joining an M.R. team is that a person interested in joining a team writes directly to the desired team. We do not give out phone numbers or email addresses or forward applications.

To get the mailing address of the teams closest to you, please send us an email via the ‘Contact Us’┬ápage of the website stating clearly what town and county you live in.

Our Secretary, will then forward the necessary information.

Please also note that each team has different criteria and periods for recruitment – so an application which is unsuccessful with one team may not be with another team etc. and an application that is unsuccessful one year may not be the following year.