Who are we?

We are an organisation comprising 11 mountain rescue teams, made up exclusively of 400 trained volunteers.

Our rescue teams respond to requests for emergency assistance on every mountain on the island of Ireland both north and south 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

In 2019 – 14,444 volunteer hours were spent on 345 rescue callouts.

In 2020 – 9,695 volunteer hours (due to infection control) were spent on 330 rescue callouts.

In Ireland we work with our emergency partners from An Garda Siochana, PSNI, the Irish Coast Guard and the National Ambulance Service to rescue those that have been lost and injured on our hills and mountains.  Sadly, on occasions we return loved ones who have passed away to their families.

We are a charity company limited by guarantee.

What do we do?

We serve our communities by:

·         Encouraging and assisting in the formation, training and development of mountain rescue teams.

·         Promoting mountain safety and awareness.

·         Assess the needs and requirements of mountain rescue services in Ireland.

Mountain Rescue Ireland is a proud member of the International Commission for Alpine Rescue ICAR

Our partners.

We are proud to work alongside our emergency service partners in the Irish Coast Guard, CHC Helicopter Crews and the Irish Air Corps. There is no doubt that the exceptional levels of cooperation and collaboration that exist has saved lives.  

Any attempt by external commentators to fracture/damage that relationship is an attempt to diminish our ability to serve our communities.  We will not allow that to happen. 

The Report.

Mountain Rescue Ireland was invited by Irish Coast Guard in 2019 to provide input to an expert group to review IRCG helicopter rescue service for the Irish State.

Mountain Rescue Ireland provided input in a report format based on helicopter operations from a mountain rescue perspective.

Mountain Rescue Ireland are fully aware that those involved in managing the procurement / tender process have to take a wide range of factors into account including those of multiple stakeholders, a wide range of international treaties as well as ensuring best value for the taxpayer.

MRI’s input into the report has been leaked and is being used selectively by others to suit another agenda.  MRI are concerned that this misrepresentation of its position creates the risk of damaging excellent relationships that exist within the Irish SAR community and would call on those parties to stop mis-representing MRI’s position.

MRI has not and will not play any part in furthering the agenda of those behind this unhelpful, ill-considered act.  We hope that those whose interests are not aligned with this will reflect and re-evaluate where their interests lie. We will continue working AS A TEAM with our SAR partners and rescuing those who find themselves in need of our help. 

On behalf of:

The Board of Mountain Rescue Ireland

The National Executive Committee of Mountain Rescue Ireland

The Teams of Mountain Rescue Ireland